If you are looking to building your brand...Ojinika can help you.

Ojinika has a diverse background in media & television and is available to help you with your on camera performance  and perfecting your brand.

On Camera

Host projects for TV, Film and Web/multimedia productions.

Film & TV Production

Write, edit and execute production process for Film and TV projects.

Project /Event Management

Available to consult at an hourly rate to help manage any project or event effectively and execute it in a timely manner.

Image Consulting

Re-evaluate,¬† Rejuvenate and Renew your brand…A new perspective means endless possibilities for you or your company.


Do you want to see your brand/product in lights? Give your brand/product the Oprah effect by learning what consumers are looking for when it comes to the next “new” thing.

Speech Writing/Editing

Learn to communicate more persuasively by creating a clear, concise, more polished personal brand within your company. Whether you are an individual who needs to give a presentation or a corporation who needs to coach employees, I can assist in speech writing/editing for any occasion.